Separating Myth from Fact about how much water you should drink

Even for us Floridians, the heat can get the most of you. The big question is: are you drinking enough water?

Water not only keeps dehydration at bay, but it is so vital to your body’s functioning. Let's separate myth from fact about water consumption:

More than 64: Drinking 64 ounces a day is a myth. Women need about 93 ounces and men about 125. You may need more or less depending on how hot the weather is.

If it's dark yellow, urine trouble: The quickest way to tell if you’ve been drinking enough water is by the color of your pee. It should be clear or pale yellow.

So the overwhelming majority of us need more water, so how can we achieve the goals? Here are suggestions found on the Today show.

Replace sugary drinks

Set reminders

Have water with meals

Add flavor

Drink water when you wake up

Make festive ice cubes

Drink it flat or bubbly.

But most of all, drink it! Here's to your health!

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