Wedding Proposal Goes to Crap

We've heard some great proposal stories from you over the years, the ones that were perfect, the ones, no-so-much. This one was leaning towards the latter, but thankfully all's well.

Lewis Paterson had planned the perfect proposal to his love Nicola Bolton. Her favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, so he took her to the south of France. So far, so romantic, right?

Then he drops to one knee and then dropped the ring. Into horse manure.

So instead of the ultra romantic hands-over-her-mouth-while-nodding-yes gesture, the two of them spent a little while digging through horse poop and stable hay

Thankfully, they found her ring, and they are still laughing about it. “It was never going to go to plan with me at the wheel,” Paterson told the press.

No word on a wedding venue, but I would suggest something indoors.

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