Are you a night owl? You won't like this

Night owls, you're not going to like this study.

Researchers from Mass General Research Institute believe they have scientific evidence that our brains are not meant to be awake after the stroke of midnight.

The premise of this is that your internal biological clock is tuned towards sleep after midnight and staying up triggers changes in the brain that cause people to view the world more negatively among other not-so-good things.

The fatigue of the evening may lead to more impulsive behavior and high-risk decisions, including drinking, overeating, and other unsavory behavior.

Of course, not everyone who stays up late is going wild, some are working as police officers, pilots, and health care workers. And the researchers believe their findings could have "important implications" for those people, including impacts to human behavior, decision-making, and job performance. Older studies have shown that many of the major catastrophes due to human error happened in the middle of the night.

The researchers are hoping that there will be further studies, but until then, my father was right...nothing good happens after midnight!

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