How many decisions do you make in a day? The answer is more than you think!

How many choices do you think you consciously make every day? The average answer in a new poll was 122, which averages out to about one decision every eight minutes.

The average person said they change their mind twice per decision. And, naturally, some choices are easier to make than others. What are the most difficult decisions you make the most every day? Here's the survey:

1. What to watch on TV. The constant scrolling...and scrolling....

2. What to eat. Every meal.

3. What to wear each day.

4. Whether to buy something or not.

5. Whether to work out or not.

6. What time to go to bed. (Usually too late)

7. Should you have one more of something, like a cookie or a beer.

8. Whether or not to ask someone out.

9. Meal planning for the week. (See #2)

10. Whether you should go out with friends, or just stay in.

Also on the list, what to order at a restaurant; whether to cook dinner or order in; and whether or not to hit snooze one more time.

What's yours?

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