Happy National Vinyl Record Day!

Today is National Vinyl Record Day! Celebrate the amazingly warm sounds that vinyl records bring. I didn't know I missed that warmth and feeling until a decade of CD listening left me feeling musically sterile. And don't get me started on listening to mp3 and streams. I think the quality is horrible compared to vinyl.

And the experience of holding the album cover in your hands, reading the lyrics and liner notes while listening. Albums were participation listening. I know you have to be of a certain age to completely embrace this, but I am of that certain age and listening to vinyl is more than nostalgia, it's a quality of sound that cannot be replicated.

National Vinyl Record Day was started to preserve the cultural influence of vinyl records as well as celebrate the art of music and the hobby of record collecting. The date of August 12 for the celebration commemorates the invention of the phonograph by Thomas Edison in 1877.

The picture above has a few of the vinyl records I've received from Russell Dickerson, Eric Church and Ashley McBride. I have some old collectible Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and Beatles records I have saved as well.

Do you have any vinyl? Anything collectible? Share!!!

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