What, so now we're SHOWERING all wrong too?

A dermatologist is serving up tips on taking the best shower for your skin. Some of them include:

1. Don't shower too often. It should depend on your activity level. If you're not very active and don't sweat much, you don't have to shower every day. okay, we live in Jacksonville, we're going to sweat. keep that in mind before you skip a few days.

2. Keep it short. Water and cleansers can dry out your hair and skin, so the quicker the better.

3. Stay cool. Hot water strips away natural oils and can do damage to your skin, so it's better to take a shower that's lukewarm or cooler.

4. Don't wash your hair too much. Hair doesn't need as much washing as the rest of your skin. But not washing it enough can lead to dandruff, so keep that in mind.

5. Focus on the dirtiest areas. I don't think we need to go into anymore details!

Other tips like "shave last", "pat yourself dry" you can find here

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