How to Score a Free Cheeseburger Sunday!

Sunday is National Cheeseburger Day, and a bunch of places have deals. Here's how to get yours from these:

1. McDonald's asked their customers to pick which burger they should give away, and Double Cheeseburgers got the most votes. You can get one for free this Sunday with any $1 purchase through the McDonald's app.

2. Burger King has a similar deal, but for regular cheeseburgers if you order through their app. That one starts tomorrow and runs through Monday.

3. Wendy's will give you a free Single with cheese if you order something through their app through next Wednesday.

4. Hardee's has a deal for new rewards members. You can get a free Western Bacon Cheeseburger with any purchase if you sign up. Existing members can get a $1 Famous Star if they buy one at full price.

5.Applebee’s: Offering an online-only Burger Bundle deal consisting of any one of its Handcrafted Burgers paired with Classic Fries and Applebee’s exclusive Mountain Dew Dark Berry Bash for $10.99 on September 18, 2022. Simply select the ‘National Cheeseburger Day’ option from the online menu, order for To Go or delivery on the Applebee’s mobile app or by visiting

there are more restaurants having fun with it here

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