There's Now a Pair of Cargo Shorts Designed To Keep Your Hot Pockets Warm

Our favorite ready-to-heat-and-eat treats are releasing some new merch. If you're a hot pocket lover who constantly stresses about how to keep your savory stuffed pastry warm, you're in luck!

According to, this new Christmas must-have was created in collaboration with the Columbus Fashion Alliance, these "first-ever" Hot Pocket Shorts feature "literal hot pockets that keep your sandwiches hot and your calves cool thanks to insulated cargo pockets, Hot Pockets explained in a statement. 

BONUS: It also comes with a matching hoodie. Because who doesn't love a good hoodie/cargo shorts combo.

The hoodie says "irresistibly hot" on the front and "hotter in the Wild West" on the back, with additional flame characters and imagery.

They will be available and December 12th. Get them while they last on the Hot Pockets online shop.

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