TSA Releases Their Most Unusual Items Found in Carry-Ons in 2022

Guns, drugs, grenades, and more! TSA (Transportation Security Administration) just released their most unusual finds at airport security checkpoints in 2022 and some of these items have us all scratching our heads wondering "WHY?"

10) Soiled money crutches - At the El Paso International Airport, TSA agents confiscated a pair of crutches stuffed with “soiled” cash. “It’s hard to imagine someone thinking this idea didn’t stink,” the video’s narrator says.

9) Inert grenade - In July, TSA screeners caught a hand grenade inside a carry-on bag in Milwaukee, leading them to call the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department bomb squad. It turns out that it was inert and its owner claims to have bought it at an air show.

8) Cattle prods - TSA agents found three cattle prods inside a passenger’s carry-on guitar case back in September at Dulles International Airport. A TSA spokesperson explained that while the cattle prods weren’t allowed in the carry-on, the passenger was allowed to bring them in a checked bag.

7) Handgun inside a PlayStation - Just last month at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, TSA screeners spotted a handgun hidden inside a PlayStation gaming console.

6) Drug scrunchies - Someone got caught at the Boise Airport trying to bring drugs hidden inside hair scrunchies through. FAIL!

5) Knife in laptop - On November 15th, a passenger at Richmond International Airport tried to bring a double-bladed knife hidden inside the casing of a laptop.

4) Gun in a sling - A guy going through security at Frederick Douglas Greater Rochester International Airport told TSA officers he forgot about stuffing a loaded 9mm handgun inside a medical sling he was using.

3) Peanut butter handgun - During the hectic holiday travel season last month, a TSA officer at JFK Airport in New York City decided to inspect two jars of peanut butter and found the parts of a disassembled handgun, along with a magazine loaded with ammo.

2) Gun in raw chicken - A passenger at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport tried to sneak a handgun inside a raw chicken. “No matter how you stuff it, this is a Glock-a-doodle-don’t,” the TSA video says.

1) Fentanyl drugs inside candy packaging - Topping the list was this find made on October 19th at the Los Angeles Airport, when TSA officers discovered about 12-thousand Fentanyl pills hidden inside Skittles wrappers.

Source: Travel and Leisure

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