With The High Price Of Eggs, There's A New Easter Trend To Enjoy This Year

There's a fun new Easter trend to enjoy this year to help you avoid dropping your life savings on eggs. Still equally as fun, just a little more cost-efficient.

The potato industry is stepping in with some assistance by suggesting an alternative to Easter traditions. Easter potatoes. It doesn't have the same ring to it, right? But, hey - it could still be a lot of fun!

You can dye potatoes and hide them in the yard just like you would with your Easter Eggs. BONUS: If you don't find all the potatoes in your yard, you may wind up with some new potato plants! Just think about how pretty that potato salad would be afterward!

Dyeing your potatoes is a bit of a different process. If you'd like to get a rundown of just how to do it, check out the Soccer Mom Blog.

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