You Could Get Paid For Decorating For The Holidays Early

Are you losing the debate in your household on decorating early for the holidays? Well, if you're wanting to wait until a little closer to Christmas, you may want to change your tune because you could be making some extra cash!

Milk's Favorite Cookie wants to PAY you to decorate for the holidays early. Like... before Thanksgiving early.

Oreo is offering up $1,000 prize to 100 lucky participants.

The contest runs through November 17th, and to enter, snap a photo of your decorated home and share it to social media, tagging Oreo.

Winners will be chosen randomly to get the Holiday Oreo Allowance (HOA) “Welcome Kit,” which includes the $1,000, Oreo cookies and a sign for the yard to show you’re a proud member of the Oreo HOA.

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